Meet Slovenia, the green capital of Europe. 
Slovenia is waiting for you to explore it. In your own way. Soon.

Close your eyes in the comfort of your home and embark on an imaginative journey to a green country, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. Let your mind wander through vast green forests or charming towns. Set your imagination free and descend deep into the mysterious underground world of the Karst region or climb high to the peaks of the Alps. Maybe you will want to try some Slovenian cuisine, rich with natural elements that create a wide range of flavours. Listen to the ancient tales that mix with the modern pulse of the land.

Visit Slovenia your way. 

We will make your stay even more unforgettable by providing VIP service for your every desire.
  • VIP service for individuals and groups
  • Private guides
  • Transfers
  • Apartments and hotel bookings
  • Private tours
  • Fun excursions
  • Events tickets
  • Customized programmes
  • Best cuisine
  • Wine tastings
  • Wellness
  • Adrenaline adventures
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  • Baloon rides
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  • Cooking clases
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  • Nightlife
Visit our stunning lakes, white mountains, green hills and the blue Adriatic sea.
Discover the secret, less visited places and enjoy in the beautifull nature.
Vibrant, modern cities with medieval city centers are full of rich history and stories. 
Taste the wine, try the moutwatering cuisine and experience life the Slovenian way.
But our most valuable asset are the people, the warmhearted, welcoming Slovenian people.



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